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Infrastructure Report Card

Infrastructure Report Card

Infrastructure is a critical issue impacting Texas’s economy, society, security and future. That’s why approximately every four years, we develop a report card depicting the condition and performance of Texas’s infrastructure in the familiar form of a school report card – assigning letter grades based on the physical condition and needed investments for improvement.

Report Card for Texas Infrastructure 2017 emblem

The report card is one of our key projects. It serves an important role in raising public awareness and providing elected officials the necessary tools to support infrastructure funding. As civil engineers in the state of Texas, we have a responsibility to safeguard the life, health, and welfare of the public. We believe part of this responsibility includes providing the public and our elected leaders with critical information about the current state of our infrastructure.

More About Our IRC

Our 2017 Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure is available here

The report card is divided into infrastructure categories, such as drinking water and dams, and provides a wide range of solutions for raising the grades. Although some of the low grades presented in the report card seem negative, that’s not the case. Our agencies and engineers in the great state of Texas have the technical abilities to design innovative, resilient, and effective infrastructure. Sometimes, however, we have limited funding for new infrastructure and maintenance and operations of existing infrastructure.

Have an Idea for Infrastructure Improvement? Join Our IRC Team!

Developing the 2017 grades required input from more than 30 industry experts – all members who volunteered their time over the course of 18 months! This included members from the private sector, public sector, and academia.

We are always seeking additional IRC Committee members. Help us determine where and how can we continue to improve Texas infrastructure. And, help us evaluate available data to determine grades for the next IRC.

To join the committee please contact ASCE Texas Section’s Infrastructure Report Card Committee Chair Travis Attanasio PE, CFM at [email protected].

Become an Infrastructure Advocate – Join Our Government Affairs Committee

Our members frequently use this report card as a tool when meeting with the general public and elected officials. It is often a topic of discussion at our Legislative Drive-In too.

Any interested members are welcome to join our Government Affairs Committee. Join the team to connect with others, advocate for our profession, and make an impact in our industry.
For more information, please contact ASCE Texas Section’s Government Affairs Committee Chair Griselda Gonzales PE, ENV SP at [email protected].