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Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors

Texas Section Awards

The following awards were established with the objective of recognizing engineers who provide exemplary service to the Section and the general public through their professional work and volunteer efforts.

  • Award of Honor
  • Professional Service Award
  • Service to the People Award
  • Professional Service to Students Award
  • Government Civil Engineer Award
  • John A. Focht Jr Citizen Engineer Award
  • History & Heritage Award
  • Lifetime Service Award

2019 Nomination Form – please submit to Honors Chair Chad Ballard by June 30, 2019.

Texas Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

The Texas HCEL Designation serves to acknowledge civil engineers, preserve knowledge, and remind the public of the role that civil engineering plays in our lives by recognizing significant projects completed in past years.

2019 Nomination Procedures– please contact History & Heritage Committee Chair Melinda Luna for more information.

List of Previous Winners

Texas Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

The Texas OCEA Award may be given on annual basis to a completed project that demonstrates the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and society as a whole. It must have been designed and/or built in Texas.

2019 Nomination Procedures – contact Past Presidents Council Chair Audra Morse for more information.

List of Previous Winners

List of Previous Award of Merit Winners

Excellence in Journalism Award

The Excellence in Journalism Award honors journalists for outstanding coverage of civil engineers, civil engineering projects, and prominent industry issues. Our goal is to recognize journalism that highlights the role of civil engineers and the impact their work has on water supply, transportation, public works projects, the environment, and much more. We also want to recognize journalists that engage with the public in a way that benefits infrastructure initiatives.

2019 Nomination Procedures – contact Excellence in Journalism Chair Brady Stanford for more information.

List of Previous Winners

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