• 2021-05-25 12:00:00
    Webinar: Survey Technical Data for Utility Conflict Identification

    Description This webinar covers the required technical data needed when scoping an above ground survey to include existing utilities. Many needed utility attributes are missed when surveying for highway design which requires surveyors to be remobilized and adds time to the identification of conflicts between proposed design features which may require relocations or “avoid in […]

  • 2021-06-08 12:00:00
    Webinar: Hard Rock Hotel Collapse

    Description Coming Soon! Speakers Norma Jean Mattei PhD, PE is professor and past chair at the University of New Orleans’ (UNO) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has been active in ASCE for more than 20 years in local, regional and national leadership roles and was elected by the Society’s membership as the 2017 […]

  • 2021-06-22 12:00:00
    Webinar: Green Alternatives to Hard Armor for Demanding Erosion Control Applications

    Description Rock & concrete based armoring solutions work, but are they providing the aesthetics & simple maintenance you really want for your projects? Green Armor® provides a vegetated solution capable of tolerating high velocity flow which is mowed & maintained with ease. Learn how Green Armor can benefit your projects and yield attractive & functional […]