Younger Members

Welcome to the ASCE Texas Section Younger Members resources page! Take a look below for information on upcoming events and helpful tips specifically for younger members.


Younger Member Camping Trip

All ASCE Texas Section Members are invited to join us at the Annual Texas Section Camping Trip! Keep an eye out for updates on the 2024 Trip.

Younger Member Networking Shuffle

What is it? It’s being paired with one of your fellow ASCE Texas members to virtually meet, chat and get to know one another. It’s a simple, but powerful way to bring people together and create new connections. This program aims to foster better connectivity and new relationships between our various ASCE Branches in Texas.


How does it work? Each quarter you’ll be randomly matched with someone outside of your branch/discipline based on your interests and invited to get to know one another. Get in touch with your pair and arrange a call through your preferred platform. We encourage you to maintain contact in the future and continue expanding your network.


  • What can we talk about? You are in control and can discuss anything of interest to you. Some ideas to start your conversation:
    • What team are you in?
    • What are some interesting projects you have worked on?
    • What does your day to day role involve?
    • Tell me about your career journey.
    • Tell me about some of your interests outside work.
  • Will I need to network outside of business hours? It’s up to you. Depending on time zones and the arrangement you come to with your pair, you may need to find a mutually convenient time outside normal business hours.
  • Which regions are taking part? The entire state of Texas is taking part in the networking event. You should be paired with someone who shares similar interests and is likely from a different part of Texas.
  • How can I pass on feedback? We are working on a feedback survey to distribute via email by the end of the quarter. This is a great opportunity to express what worked well and what can be improved for future events. Alternatively, you can always email [email protected] with any feedback.
  • Still have questions? Please contact [email protected] or the Texas Section Office at [email protected].