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Media Kit

Texas Civil Engineer & TexASCE Website

Online Platform | Readership

The Texas Civil Engineer (TCE) is ASCE Texas Section’s award-winning, free online membership publication reaching 10,000+ members. In 2019, the Texas Section transitioned the TCE from a print magazine to an innovative online news publication, complete with interactive advertisements, links, and archived content. Readers are now fully engaged in the stories that matter most to them and our community through this online platform, with new content released bi-monthly.

Redesigned in early 2019, the ASCE Texas Section website (www.TexASCE.org) offers visitors a cleaner, easy to navigate design. With more than 2,000 visitors per month (average 24,000/year) from across Texas and beyond, the Section website highlights TexASCE’s six key programs that members and the civil engineering community rely on, as well as added features like an interactive events calendar and improved Texas Section Leadership page.


The Texas Civil Engineer is a six-time winner of ASCE’s Society Newsletter Award. It’s a forum for professional affairs, engineering news, and societal matters for ASCE Texas Section’s 15 Branches and 20 Student Chapters statewide.

Right out the gate, the redesigned ASCE Texas Section website won the 2019 ASCE’s Outstanding Section & Branch Web Award.

Elevate Your Brand

Want to reach 10,000+ civil engineers across Texas and beyond? Take advantage of introductory advertising rates for the online Texas Civil Engineer publication!



Include your company’s logo and website link among the top
engineering firms in Texas. Plus, we'll throw in the 13th month free!
Your ad to run on all pages of TCE website, plus select Section site pages, for maximum reach. Purchase 12 months, get the 13th month free!
Bronze Package plus your company's logo and website link recognition in a monthly member-wide TCE marketing email.
Silver Package plus brief message provided in a monthly member-wide TCE marketing email. Limited to one (1) advertiser per month.
Gold Package plus 5-minute spotlight during a monthly Technical Webinar (2nd Tuesdays at Noon CT). Limited to one (1) advertiser per month.

Submission | Payment

Advertisements and payments must be received by the 15th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s marketing. Please make checks payable to “ASCE Texas Section”. Mail payment to ASCE Texas Section, Attn: Texas Civil Engineer,5511 Parkcrest Drive, Austin, Texas 78731. Please note, if you are paying by check, your artwork/advertisement will not be displayed until payment is received.

Digital files are required. Send digital assets to Stephanie Ludlow or to request file specifications. Texas Civil Engineer is not responsible for ad creation unless otherwise specified at the time of order. Custom advertising design rates, including ad creation and existing ad alterations, are $80 per hour. If you need design and production assistance for creating or modifying your ad, contact [email protected].

Contract & Copy Regulations

  1. All ad space is contracted to be used within 12 months of payment receipt. Multiple-insertion contracts will be fulfilled in consecutive monthly releases unless notified in writing prior to space closing dates.
  2. Advertisers wishing to cancel advertising reservations must send ASCE Texas Section a written cancellation notice to [email protected] at least 3 business days prior to the marketing release. Advertisers will be held liable for space cancelled after the marketing release. In addition, Advertisers failing to submit payment by the deadline will be held until payment received with placement to begin the next month.
  3. Advertisers are responsible for supplying acceptable advertising materials prior to the digital asset deadline. Costs incurred by ASCE Texas Section to obtain suitable digital assets will be passed on to the Advertiser.
  4. ASCE Texas Section reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising that, in its opinion, does not conform to the standards of the Texas Civil Engineer.
  5. ASCE Texas Section shall not be liable if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.
  6. No contracts, advertisement orders, or copy changes will be accepted without written confirmation.
  7. ASCE Texas Section is not responsible for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of natural disaster, internet/technical outages, or other contingencies beyond ASCE Texas Section’s control.
  8. ASCE Texas Section’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the advertisement in question.
  9. Advertising rates may change at the discretion of ASCE Texas Section. Existing multiple-insertion contracts will be honored until their expiration.
  10. All insertions must be paid in full by the monthly deadline, which is generally the 15th of the prior month the advertisement is scheduled to appear.
  11. Advertiser is liable for payment of all advertising placed in Texas Civil Engineer online magazine. Non-payment by an Advertiser’s Agency or representative shall not release the Advertiser from payment of account. Payment by Advertiser to its Agency or representative does not constitute payment to Texas Civil Engineer unless monies are actually received by Texas Civil Engineer. If billing is directed to an Agency or representative’s address at Advertiser’s or Agency’s request, Advertiser is liable for the account regardless of whether or not the Advertiser is named on the bill in care of the Agency or representative.
  12. Texas Civil Engineer shall be entitled to attorney’s fees and costs in any action to enforce the provisions of their advertising contracts and rate cards.
  13. All advertisements are accepted, posted, and published by the ASCE Texas Section upon the representation that the Agency and Advertiser are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof and lawfully offer for sale the product or products in the ad. In consideration of the ASCE Texas Section’s acceptance of such advertisements, the Advertiser and Agency assume responsibility for any and all claims arising therefrom and hold ASCE Texas Section and its contractors harmless from any and all liability whatsoever in connection with such claims. This includes any loss or expense on claims, including cost of litigation and without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in the defense thereof.