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Strategic Plan

2022-2026 ASCE Texas Section Strategic Plan

In early 2021, we began the process of defining a strategic direction, a 5-year aspiration and the supporting pillars to help us achieve it. Our team, led by the Strategic Planning Committee in partnership with our Board of Direction, arrived at this direction after conducting many hours of hard work including a retreat, reviewing hundreds of responses from surveys across the membership, and ultimately reviewing and refining the approach throughout 8 committee meetings. You can learn more about the overarching themes that arose from this process and guided this direction by browsing the accordion section below the Core Values and Goals tabs.


Texas civil engineers are leaders in their communities, building a better quality of life across the street and around the world.


Advance civil engineering by protecting the public health, safety, and welfare; delivering value to our members; and creating a legacy of service.


• Stewardship & Service (World at Large)
• Professional Development & Leadership (Our Members)
• Advocating Civil Engineering (The Profession)

  • • Advance the Section for the benefit of all.
  • • Support and promote outreach and engagement opportunities.
  • • Cultivate community and public outreach partnerships, fostering member engagement in their community and local organizations.
  • • Promote the work of ASCE to increase public awareness of initiatives.
  • • Create opportunities for member to collaborate, share, & provide mentorship.
  • • Promote and build upon K-12 STEM outreach programs.
  • • Grow the Section while ensuring a place for all members to engage in their community.
  • • Ensure Civil Engineering and ASCE are at the forefront of emerging sustainability and resiliency practices.
  • • Promote and enhance collaboration across all levels of the Section, and its membership.
  • • Ensure continued development and public accessibility of the Section’s broad-spectrum of educational resources, training opportunities and initiatives.
  • • Host and promote continuing education opportunities to both members and non-members.
  • • Increase member awareness of current programs, activities, and shared resources.
  • • Strengthen collaboration and partnerships with Technical Institutes at all levels—Section to subsidiaries.
  • • Make available leadership opportunities and resources for members to develop and strengthen their professional skills and marketability.
  • • Continue to enhance Student Symposium as it grows into a Region 6 event.
  • • Facilitate complete advancement campaigns for student and younger members emerging into young professionals.
  • • Continue to advance Civil Engineering within the education system and profession. Establish and promote ASCE as a forefront leader in Civil Engineering throughout local and state government agencies and the community at large.
  • • Improve advocacy activity through training experiences and online marketing tactics.
  • • Support advancements in civil engineering [continuing and higher] education curriculum and innovative technologies.
  • • Leverage the Texas Infrastructure Report Card to increase public awareness of infrastructure deficiencies and the development of [appropriate/ample], reliable funding streams.
  • • Host a biennial ASCE Texas legislative advocacy activity concurrent with Texas legislative sessions.
  • • Champion Texas Section membership among state and local level officials as the leading authority and technical resource for civil engineering topics.
2022-2026 Full Strategic Plan PDF
Overarching Themes

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ASCE Texas Section is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Civil Engineering. The membership and profession are vast and diverse. Per the Oxford Languages Dictionary, diversity is the practice of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.; Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial; Inclusion is the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. To stay a leader in this profession, it is critical to maintain an environment where all engineers can feel welcome to join, collaborate and grow.

Sustainability and Resiliency

The world has seen several natural disaster events that test the limits of our current infrastructure. The Civil Engineering profession is exploring how to rebuild infrastructure to withstand future events and how to reinforce existing infrastructure. Additionally, the profession continues to explore the sustainability and availability of materials that can provide the best solutions for these projects and all stakeholders it serves.

Communications and Marketing

Communication will likely remain an area for improvement. There are communication challenges between the different levels of ASCE, including marketing resources and initiatives to all levels and members. Communication and marketing impact virtually every initiative and goal set out in this plan in one way or another. Additionally, there is an ongoing evolution in the best way to connect with members, and ASCE Texas Section will need to stay up-to-date and agile in this regard to remain relevant.

Measurable Goals

The intent of this plan is to provide an outline from which the incoming board can choose strategic goals to focus on for the year. Part of this task will involve establishing measurable milestones for the year and evaluating the success of these goals at the end of the year. This will also be utilized to evaluate ongoing, multi-year goals.

Financial Vitality

Texas ASCE prides itself on providing services and resources to its members, the profession, and the community. To accomplish this now and in the future, the section must maintain its financial vitality. The Section has worked for years to find ways to generate additional revenue, reduce expenses where possible, and balance the operating budget.

Background & Committee

With the culmination of the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, MySTEP, the ASCE Texas Section has updated its plan for the next 5-years: 2022-2026. This updated strategic plan will continue to provide a roadmap for the Texas Section that helps guide the organizational leadership during the plan’s life. As with previous version, the updated strategic plan will provide continuity and consistency in the decision-making process over the next five years.

With respect to the process of updating the strategic plan, care has been taken to ensure that a wide variety of perspectives have been included in its development. Section leadership, section staff, and institute and branch leaders have all contributed to the strategic plan update. Most notably, the strategic planning retreat held in June 2021, facilitated by Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely, maintained a philosophy of open dialogue that allows all attendees to contribute to the update of the strategic plan.

Thank you to the 26 member ASCE Texas Section 2021 Strategic Planning Committee, led by Kacey Paul PE.