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In Memoria: Janis Meyer

In Memoria: Janis Meyer

Janis M. Meyer (1938 – 2023)

Janis Meyer was Executive Secretary of ASCE Texas Section from 1990 to 2007. She made a big impact on the Section, helping put it on the amazing path it is today.

The Section wishes to honor and celebrate her contributions to the ASCE community with an In Memoria for and by our members.

Please share your stories, celebratory sentiments, and bits of memorable history below.

Janis Meyer Obituary – Lucas Funeral Home – Hurst – 2023 (legacy.com)

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  1. Wayne Klotz says

    The well run Texas Section office that we all utilize was developed over the years by Janis. She was the bridge between a section run by volunteer officers to a section run by professional staff. All section members continue to benefit from the superlative efforts of Janis Meyer.

  2. Patrick Beecher says

    The Texas Section was so fortunate to have Janis on the job. She was a reassuring presence who keep everyone on task and on track. I am thankful for her legacy in making the Section a success.

  3. Larry Goldberg says

    What a pleasure it was to have had the opportunity to work with Janis. She was an awesome individual and gave so much to the Texas Section to set the future path for the organization. We didn’t have all the electronic forms of communications we have today, and she did an amazing job producing high quality newsletters, mailings, section conferences, and award ceremonies to keep everyone connected and proud of the contributions civil engineers gave to society. She truly put her heart and soul into making the Texas Section a first-class organization.

  4. Bob Patton says

    So sad to hear of Janis’s passing. Janis came to the Section in the summer of 1990 in the last few months of my term before the Section met in El Paso.
    She was great and so good and dependable to work with. She was learning a new position and we and the Section were learning how to establish a standalone office without the support and financial assistance of a University. She was a determined person and when we reached out to the Section for a task and were unsuccessful the first time, Janis would tell me we will just try it again and cast a bigger net.
    Under Wayne’s wise tutelage the next year, the Section found a financial and organization foundation and the rest is an ongoing success story for ASCE. Wayne and Janis were a good team and really got the Section up and running.
    Just recently I was thinking about her and now I know – may she be reunited with Kirby, and they rest in Peace,

  5. Terry Winn says

    Janis was an excellent Executive Secretary for the Texas Section. When I was Section President, she called me often for direction. But she would always call after office hours. Being married to a working engineer, Kirby, she knew that those office hours were critical to making a living while being President. She called me once on Sunday morning, and I talked to her for 30 min. In the church parking lot. She was all in.

  6. David Schnurbusch says

    Janis was not the usual Executive Secretary. I believe she was destined upon us to be a catalyst in the building and growth of a new, somewhat independent Texas Section ASCE. Her desire to take ownership of a new role for her and of a new vision for the Society was amazing. Janis will be missed for all the great attributes she willingly gave to each of us
    I loved Janis Meyer.

  7. W. Allan Hayes, P.E., Life Member says

    I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Janis Meyer. While she helped me in many ways over the years she served the Texas Section, my most vivid memories are those associated with planning multiple Section meetings hosted by the Corpus Christi Branch. Without her careful guidance and support our planning committees couldn’t have been as successful as they were. No detail was too small for her consideration! We all owe Janis our most sincere gratitude…

  8. Ralph O'Quinn says

    Janis was a blessing to Texas Section officers whether you were seasoned or a newbie, branch officer or Section president. She always tried to make us better for our role and for the Texas Section. She will be deeply missed.

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