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“Building on the Wild Frontier” at the 2023 Region 6 Student Symposium

West Texas

“Building on the Wild Frontier” at the 2023 Region 6 Student Symposium

January 2023

Join the Texas Section and ASCE Student Chapters of West Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University for our Second Annual ASCE Region 6 Student Symposium in Amarillo, Texas, April 12 – 15, 2023.  The theme for this year’s West Texas location is “Building on the Wild Frontier.” 

Eva Schexnider-ASCE Texas Section Student Activities Chair

I have participated in the Student Symposium in some capacity since it began in 2015, first as a student, then as a professional, sponsor, and judge. I am so excited to serve as the Student Activities Committee Chair and be a mentor for the student teams planning and coordinating this event. 

It has been amazing to experience the benefits this event has not only for students but also professionals, firsthand! I got my first internship at the ASCE Student Symposium Career Fair in 2018, and now I get to recruit students at this event. I passionately believe that ASCE Student Chapter members are the top students in civil engineering. Not only are these students taking full class loads, but they dedicate countless hours outside of class time to volunteer for their chapter and competition teams. Being an ASCE Chapter member teaches workload balance, effective teamwork and communication, and other power skills that benefit them for years to come in the workforce.  

We hope you and your company will consider sponsoring the ASCE Region 6 Student Symposium in 2023. Your sponsorship provides great opportunities for our future civil engineers. 

Support the annual Region 6 Student Symposium, the only region-wide conference of its kind in ASCE, featuring the ASCE Concrete Canoe competition, Steel Bridge competition, a variety of other student competitions, a career fair, continuing education seminars, and social events.  The ASCE Student Symposium is your opportunity to support over 500 students from across New Mexico, Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas all in one place. Sponsors gain continuous exposure, community engagement, local brand recognition, and networking opportunities with your organization’s next top engineer.

Hope you will consider supporting the Region 6 Student Symposium!

Eva Schexnider at [email protected] with questions. Or sign up today at TexASCE.org/student-symposium. 

Shannon Jungman PE-ASCE Texas Section Student Symposium Head Judge

The ASCE student symposium provides students with an invaluable opportunity to practice leadership and presentation skills while showing off their technical knowledge. It is an excellent event that combines professional networking and interpersonal bonding for the hundreds of students involved. The career fair and soft skills presentations give students the chance to talk with professionals and ask questions that they might not have the chance to otherwise. 

I know from experience the amount of time and dedication these competitions require. The students participating can practice project management skills among their peers before venturing into the professional world. They work together to manage fellow team members, resources, and time while developing designs and internal deadlines to ensure they will be ready for competition. They develop presentation skills and practice maintaining professional conduct while participating in a high stress environment. 

These hardworking students will make an excellent addition to the civil engineering workforce. I love having the opportunity to watch them compete and see how they improve every year!  Help support our future civil engineers by being a sponsor or participating in the career fair at this year’s event in April. 

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