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Student Spotlight: Meet Gabriel Nicolay Motta Pocas


Student Spotlight: Meet Gabriel Nicolay Motta Pocas

March 2023

Author: Gabriel Nicolay Motta Pocas

Gabriel Nicolay Motta Poca
Studying Civil Engineering at West Texas A&M University
Graduating Spring 2023

Get to Know Your ASCE Texas Section
Student Members

Our selected student was asked to answer a list of questions to give section members a chance to learn more about our student members. This month we selected Gabriel Nicolay Motta Pocas – Planner for the 2023 Student Symposium.

Who or What has inspired or is currently inspiring you?

Many people have inspired me in different stages of my life. However, my parents are my inspiration. They have taught me the meaning of professionalism, hard work, sacrifice for a greater purpose, and resilience. Besides that, part of who I am and the stamina I have come from growing up around them. Thus, I am very thankful to have them as my role models.

Tells us about any current projects or plans you are working on (for school or job/internship)

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with TxDOT. At TxDOT, I was exposed to a variety of projects for the new loop in Amarillo, TX. During my internship, I worked and acquired knowledge in construction and inspection that goes from the pavement of roads to bridge deck concrete pour to testing soils, HMA, and concrete.

Gabriel last summer at his TxDOT internship

What are some of your long-term goals? What about ASCE goals?

My long-term goal is to become a reference at work and develop the skills of a leader that knows how to extract the best in people and help them to achieve high performance in their lives. My ASCE goal is to give back the opportunities that were given to me as a student, which include being a mentor, helping with student symposiums, and participating in conferences.

What is your go-to calculator?

My go-to calculator is a Casio Fx-115 model. I purchased this calculator back in 2016 in my first year of college in Brazil, and since then, my Casio Fx-115 has never let me down after all those years.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

As a former college soccer player, I love to watch and play soccer in my free time. Also, I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend and friends. The beach is one of my favorite places to hang out too.

Gabriel on the beach in Brazil

Mountains or beach?

 I prefer the beach over the mountains. Back home, in Brazil, I live 5 minutes away from the beach, so I grew up spending my day at the beach or going to the ocean to scuba dive.

Playing soccer in College