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May-25 Webinar: Survey Technical Data for Utility PS&E and Agreement

May-25 Webinar: Survey Technical Data for Utility PS&E and Agreement

The webinar will take place May 25, 2021 at 12:00 PM CST for 1 PDH.

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This webinar covers the required technical data needed when scoping an above ground survey to include existing utilities. Many needed utility attributes are missed when surveying for highway design which requires surveyors to be remobilized and adds time to the identification of conflicts between proposed design features which may require relocations or “avoid in place” measures. Common overlooked items or unidentified precise shot points will be covered to avoid scope gaps and miscommunication of the needed data to be collected in above ground surveys.


Jesse Cooper RPLS is a Senior Utility Project Manager with HDR Engineering providing Utility Adjustment Coordination with 30+ years of project administration, surveying, coordination, QA/QC and project controls experience.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a Registered Surveyor.  His career has centered on all aspects of utility coordination/utility engineering/utility relocation/surveying/SUE/ utility inspection.  Jesse has provided leadership for the HDR team on Projects such as the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project in Pennsylvania for the utility relocation analysis of over 500 bridges, update of the North Carolina Utility Manual and preparing Utility Training Materials for South Carolina.  As the former TXDOT Section Director of the Map, Survey, & Utility Section, Jesse provided oversight of the Mapping/Surveying Program and the Utility Program relocating utilities for transportation projects. He also served on the TxDOT Committee for Geomatics and Surveying. He was part of the team presented the FHWA 2006 Utility Outstanding Achievement Award in the Category of Utility SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) and the 2003 Streamlining and Innovation Honorable Mention Award. Jesse also serves on the Transportation Research Board for Utilities.

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