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Upcoming YM Networking Event at 2020 Student Symposium

Upcoming YM Networking Event at 2020 Student Symposium

Continuing a recent tradition, the local Fort Worth Branch and Dallas Branch Younger Member Chapters were tasked with planning the Thursday Evening networking event for the 2020 ASCE Texas Student Symposium. This year, the event will have an emphasis on the transition from student into the professional environment. The Younger Members in attendance will be able to provide firsthand feedback and assistance to students about some of the challenges they may experience upon graduation. In addition, the students will have a great opportunity to build connections with ASCE Younger Members so they have fellow young engineers to reach out to upon graduation.

The event will take place from 6 – 10 PM on March 5th at Free Play Arcade in Arlington. Food (appetizers, sandwiches and flatbreads) and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. We are looking forward to a great turnout from Younger Members in the DFW area!

Students enjoy burgers on the beach at last year’s ASCE Texas Student Symposium in South Padre Island, Texas.

What is the Student Symposium?

ASCE Texas Section’s Student Symposium fosters close association between engineering professionals and over 350 university students. The Student Symposium combines the Texas-Mexico Student Conference’s concrete canoe competition as well as a variety of other student competitions, a career fair, and seminars into one event. Each day of the event features a combination of student competitions, technical seminars, and soft skill seminars followed by an evening networking event for the students and professionals to get to know each other.