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University of Texas at Arlington Students Stay Busy with Fall Events

University of Texas at Arlington Students Stay Busy with Fall Events

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) ASCE Student Chapter has had a busy fall. Below is a highlight of our events over the last semester:

ASCE x CHI Epsilon (XE) Annual Cookout 

The ASCE UTA Student Chapter started its fall semester off with a bang at the ASCE x CHI Epsilon (XE) Annual Cookout! We had an amazing turnout of a combination of students, faculty, alumni, and family. There was great food and entertainment that our chapter served. Additionally, we used this event to practice with our rowing team for the first time this semester. We enjoyed showing off all of our hard work to the community and being able to explain to non-engineers how you can get a canoe made out of concrete to float. It was a great event that brought people together, and we look to building on it for this for next year’s Cookout. 

Engineering Saturday

On Engineering Saturday, Chi Epsilon hosted Sticky Structures which consisted of building structures with marshmallows and spaghetti. Children were able to have a have a hands on experience and learn about which structure shape is the most stable. They had a fun time constructing their sticky structure. 

Welcome Bash

The Activity Fair is the perfect place to encourage students to become more involved! The fair was comprised of all student organizations from all different majors, religious affiliations, and types. Both the ASCE UTA Student Chapter and Chi Epsilon were able to successfully interest many students in joining their organizations and committees!

Chi Epsilon Round Table Event

For Chi Epsilon’s second general body meeting, representatives from WSP and Texas Sterling Construction Company came and spoke about their companies. Professionals from WSP spoke about the various projects they have accomplished and showcased their plan sets for students to view. They also brought fun items such as fidget spinners, pens and fun-size models. The speaker from Texas Sterling Construction company interacted with students and spoke about his position.

Chi Epsilon FE Review Sessions

The UT Arlington Chi Epsilon Chapter brought back its infamous FE Preparation Courses this Fall 2019 semester! These courses are comprised of 10 sessions total, each session being 2 hours long, and cover a wide variety of civil engineering topics the FE Exam tests on. The courses are open to all aspiring civil engineers. Hosted by our outstanding professors, these sessions aid students in their studies through a series of practice problems, topic discussions, and refreshers. 

UTA Oozeball Competition

Friday, September 27th, was a perfect day for our UTA tradition: the 31st annual Oozeball tournament. This social event was filled with memories that will last a lifetime as 92 teams battled to win. Students of all majors came to support their friends and to watch this very competitive game. It was an event full of surprises as all the teams did their very best to have a great time and to be the champions. The winning team was the Forgetful Pigeons, and the team was filled with civil engineering students. We are very proud of our civil engineering students and our ACSE president, who part of the team, for taking the championship! 

CECON 2019

CECON took place in San Marcos in mid-September. It was an unforgettable experience that helped us represent our ASCE and Chi Epsilon student chapters. Our representatives attended many different and informative seminars and were able to interact with many professionals. This event provided us the opportunity to raise awareness about the upcoming ASCE Student Symposium, which we will be hosting in Arlington on March 4-7, 2020. Being at CECON also helped us to obtain more sponsors willing to contribute to the incredible Symposium our student chapter is planning. 

Learn more about the Symposium and how you can get involved as students, professionals, and sponsors here.