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TexASCE Members Share Why They Value Their ASCE Membership

TexASCE Members Share Why They Value Their ASCE Membership

Membership into the American Society of Civil Engineers is rich with opportunity and benefits. Whether you’re a freshman in an ASCE Student Chapter or a Life Member, joining ASCE or renewing your ASCE membership will be well worth the investment. If you’re worried about this “investment” as a poor college student or as a penny-pinching recent grad, don’t worry: ASCE membership is free for college students and is offered at a discounted rate on a sliding scale for your first 5 years after graduation!

Benefits of being an ASCE member include:

Membership in ASCE also gives you the opportunity to volunteer at local schools, advocate for infrastructure investment to lawmakers, attend leadership development programs and conferences, and serve on boards of direction and committees at the branch, section, region, and society level! You’ll develop your technical skills, your professional management skills, your communication skills, and most importantly, you’ll have fun!

Now, let’s hear directly from some ASCE Texas Section members on why they value their ASCE membership!

Bob Stevens PE

From the time I joined ASCE as a student member during my undergrad days at The University of Akron till now, nearly 60 years later, I once again am renewing my ASCE membership because ASCE provides special value to me. It’s given me many volunteer opportunities to work with other volunteers to advance the civil engineering profession both technically and professionally. All of this as we, as civil engineers, help make people’s lives better.

– Bob Stevens, PE and ASCE Past-President living his best life

Anali Martinez Gonzalez

“I will be renewing my ASCE membership because ASCE offers me the opportunity to connect with fellow civil engineers and form long lasting personal and professional relationships.”

– Anali Martinez Gonzalez at MWM DesignGroup in Austin, TX

Sean Merrell PE

“There is strength in numbers. The more members we have, the more influential we are with our legislators in Austin and Washington on funding for infrastructure projects.  If you are a Civil Engineer, is it very important to be a member of the only professional society that represents all of us: ASCE!!”

– Sean Merrell, PE at BGE, Inc. in Frisco, TX, and ASCE Texas Section President Elect

Leanne Cantalupo EIT

“My ASCE membership is invaluable to both my personal and professional life.  Throughout my four years of involvement, I’ve attended conferences in new places, taken on different leadership positions, and practiced transferrable skills like public speaking and task delegation. ASCE constantly provides me with opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be more grateful for my membership.”

– Leanne Cantalupo, EIT at Aguirre & Fields in Austin, TX

Nancy Cline PE

“I benefit from the monthly meetings that the Dallas Branch has.  Great topics and speakers that give valuable insight into projects in our community.  Having been active for over 30 years, I have made friends across the state and even country that are great resources if I ever have a question. I consider my friends from ASCE to be family.” 

– Nancy Cline, PE at Texas Central in Dallas, TX

Nick Phillips EIT

“Having the opportunity to build relationships and to learn more about my profession is invaluable as a young engineer.  That is why I love ASCE, and why I renew my membership.”

– Nick Phillips, EIT at Hayden Consultants in Dallas, TX

-Craig Thompson PE

“Interestingly enough, I think my reasons change as I grow older. First it was about meeting other younger members and my employer suggested I try getting involved with ASCE.  Then, I saw the leaders in the Community at the meetings and networking became important.  Next, I was excited to see the local branch excel and wanted to see what the Section had to offer.  Then, I started attending the Section meetings and got to know all the state-wide folks, was asked to serve on the Section board. Finally, I started to realize how much good ASCE does throughout the Branch, Section and beyond and couldn’t imagine not supporting them.”

– Craig Thompson, PE at Hanson in Corpus Christi, TX, and ASCE Texas Section Past President

Bilkis Olazran Martinez EIT

“Being a part of ASCE gives me the opportunity to network and continue growing as a professional.”

– Bilkis Olazaran M., EIT at the City of McAllen

Bob Demyan PE

The reason I renew my ASCE membership is to continue to support a non-profit organization of volunteers that are making this world a better place. I enjoy, attending ASCE events meeting other engineers that are passionate about what they do. ASCE is a way to network with other professionals in our career path. Renewing my membership opens door to numerous opportunities, even if I don’t take advantage of them I know that my fee is going toward making these resources available to others. 

– Bob Demyan, PE at TDi Engineering in Austin, TX

Larry Goldberg PE

During my 36 year career within the Civil Industry, ASCE has played a very important role.  The technical knowledge I have gained from my colleagues has been unmeasurable. The acquaintances and friendships I obtain through ASCE have been essential to the success of many of my projects when I needed technical guidance.  ASCE provided me the avenue to meet fellow  civil engineers in other disciplines that allowed me to assemble successful project teaming opportunities.  I have wonderful memories and great times at many of the conferences and other events at both the branch and section levels.  I have grown personally in my leadership skills from the committees, events, and boards that I have served on for ASCE. 

– Larry Goldberg, PE at CivilTech in Houston, TX, and ASCE Texas Section Past President

Reece Taylor PE

I renew my membership because ASCE supplements my education, advances my professional development and challenges me to be engaged as a civil engineer in my community.

– Reece Taylor, PE at Braun Intertec Corporation in Dallas, TX, and ASCE Dallas Branch Director