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January Webinar: What Does the Survey Say?

January Webinar: What Does the Survey Say?

Register for ASCE Texas Section’s January Technical Webinar, What Does the Survey Say, presented by Andrew Sikes PE, RPLS, President of Andrew Lonnie Sikes, Inc.

The webinar will take place January 14, 2019 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 PM CST for 1 PDH.

More About the January Technical Webinar Topic

Surveying reports (A.K.A. “surveys” ) are prepared for specific clients and convey specific information that the client will need to complete a specific task or transaction. Clients, and sometimes various advisors and consultants, tend to think “I have a survey. Now I’m ready to close this transaction, plan, evaluate, design, submit, construct, or a host of other things necessary to complete a project.” No survey will satisfy all of the possible needs of all readers. No survey will support all possible tasks.  

Each of the client’s advisors and consultants need to evaluate the survey and determine if it contains the information necessary to accomplish their work in a competent and non-negligent manner. They each need to determine what transaction or activity the survey was prepared to support and if this purpose consistent with the consultants need. They need to know what the magic words and “catch phrases” mean and how they will impact the task at hand.

This webinar will look at some of the purposes that survey reports are designed to fill and what are some of the underlying purposes of the phrases and what do they mean. It will also explore the dangers of using a hammer to install a screw.