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Farewell from Outgoing President, Art Clendenin PE

Farewell from Outgoing President, Art Clendenin PE

Art Clendenin PE

I have days left in my term as your president, and I am not really seeing a light at the end of the tunnel rather a relay race where there will be an exchange of the baton. Susan Roth PE will run the next leg of the Texas Section venture while I fade into the Past President duties.

I want to thank everyone for trusting me to get the job done and for your terrific, continuous support, allowing us to accomplish our major goals for the year. We are wrapping up a strong year in the legislative realm by submitting our comments to the Texas Water Development Board regarding their recent success with water planning legislation (SB7, SB8, SB 500 & HJR 4). 

The CECON committee has a great program planned this year, and I encourage each one of you to attend even if you have not made plans to do so. The conference keynotes are always in high demand, but you’ll have the pleasure of hearing them at in San Marcos. The Texas Section Awards Ceremony at CECON on Thursday evening will be the best one yet, and the highly-anticipated Texas Pipe and Concrete Association (TCPA) Bar-B-Que will be held at the Wonderworld Cavern, providing another unique venue where we can network with fellow engineers. 

The next Texas Section Infrastructure Report Card Committee will kick off soon and begin soliciting help from all major categories it covers. 
And finally, we are filling the incoming board with new volunteers, so please reach out and let us know if you would be interested in serving. We will find a committee for you to display you talent!

Invest in yourself, participate, and see you at CECON,
Art Clendenin PEASCE Texas Section President (105th) 2018-2019