ASCE Texas Section – Call for Awards 2023

by Stephen Crawford PE, CFM
ASCE Texas Section Honors Committee Chair

March 2023

Are you ready to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of exceptional civil engineers in your town, city, or Branch? The Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE Texas Section) proudly announces the Call for Nominations for its annual awards program. This is your chance to nominate your colleagues or mentors for recognition of their hard work, innovation, leadership, and community service. With awards ranging from the Award of Honor to the Professional Service Award to the Lifetime Service Award, there is an award for everyone this year to highlight the very best of the civil engineering profession in Texas.

One of the awesome things about being involved in ASCE and the Texas Section is the ability to recognize our peers for their accomplishments in the civil engineering industry that have improved our world and communities in Texas. These awards recognize outstanding civil engineers and help inspire future generations to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Recognize and Motivate!

If you are hesitant about nominating a peer or a mentor, do not be! Here are two positive aspects of nominating a society member for a Texas Section ASCE award:

  1. Recognition: Nominating a member for an award is a superb way to acknowledge their contributions and achievements in civil engineering.
  2. Motivation: Receiving an award and recognition can motivate members to continue their outstanding work and inspire other civil engineers to do the same. An award can help create a sense of pride and accomplishment that drives them and others to continue striving for excellence.

What Are the Awards?

The Texas Section ASCE awards program includes a wide range of awards, each of which recognizes exemplary service to the Section and the public through professional work and volunteer efforts. Some of the prestigious awards for 2023 are listed below with a brief description:

  • Award of Honor:  Recognition of service to the Texas Section and outstanding professional achievement in civil engineering
  • Professional Service Award:  Meritorious service from a subscribing member to the Texas Section and one or more of the Section’s Branches
  • Service to People Award:  Recognition of a civil engineer who brings credit to their profession through community activities that are visible to the public
  • Professional Service to Students Award:  Meritorious service to one or more of the Texas/Mexico Regional Conference’s Student Chapters (Clubs)
  • Government Civil Engineer Award:  Meritorious service from a subscribing member employed by a governmental organization to the Texas Section and one or more of the Section’s Branches
  • John A. Focht Jr Citizen Engineer Award:  Recognition of outstanding and continued dedication to the Texas Section ASCE.
  • History & Heritage Award:  Presented to an individual for making special contributions to recording and/or recognizing the history and heritage of civil engineering in Texas
  • Lifetime Service Award:  Recognition for longer-term meritorious service to the Texas Section ASCE over a 20-25 year (or more) period. This award is being presented in 2023 (Texas Section 110th Anniversary)

It is Easy as Engineering Pie to Nominate Someone

How easy is it to nominate someone? It is real easy! All you need to do is fill out the online forms on the Texas Section ASCE website and include as much information as possible. The Texas Section will help take care of the rest and will follow up with you if any additional information is needed. Follow this link to nominate someone today.

You can also peruse a list of past Texas Section Award recipients at this link as well.

Do not wait to nominate, though! Get your nominations submitted as soon as possible. Nominations are open through May 1, 2023.

The Details – Review Process & Awards Ceremony

Once all nominations have been made, the Honors Committee, including the Honors Committee Chair and the Section Directors, will review and evaluate the nominees for the Award Selections. Award recommendations will be made to the Executive Committee for approval in Summer 2023. The culmination of the process will include the award winners being honored at the Texas Section Awards Banquet during the Texas Civil Engineering Conference (CECON) in San Marcos (September 20-22, 2023).

A Commitment to Recognizing Excellence

Past winners of these awards in Texas have become key leaders in the civil engineering profession, making significant contributions to their communities and the world. These awards are a testament to the society’s commitment to recognizing excellence within its membership.

Your commitment to recognizing excellence in the civil engineering profession makes this awards program possible, and we appreciate your dedication to highlighting the best and brightest among us. Your passion and enthusiasm for the profession keep civil engineering at the forefront of innovation, dedication, and service. We look forward to recognizing our award winners’ achievements and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in civil engineering.

Please reach out to the Texas Section or Stephen Crawford for any additional information or questions.