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Younger Member Leadership Symposium 2023

Younger Member Leadership Symposium 2023

October 2023

By Clint Smith, PE, CFM

“The first Younger Member Leadership Symposium (YMLS) that was in-person since COVID-19 occurred in August at ASCE Headquarters in Reston, Virginia. With over 60 attendees from all over the world, the Texas Section had 6 attendees present. As a member of the National Committee of Younger Members, I was the co-chair for planning YMLS and presented two sessions while there. The topics presented are for personal and professional development and are valuable for all engineers regardless of age and experience level. Hearing from the President, President-Elect, and Executive Director of ASCE is always a great opportunity as well! Sending young engineers to this symposium is incredibly rewarding as the topics presented and discussed help us become well-rounded and better engineers even if the topics are considered “soft skills”; these are the skills that will help us succeed in our careers. I am very thankful to have been supported by Halff and the Austin Branch of ASCE to attend YMLS. The Austin Branch has been very supportive of sending our younger members on the Austin Branch YMF to conferences, and we are incredibly thankful for that!”

Clint Smith, PE, CFM

Project Manager


Pictured: Katherine Smith (Austin), Nalah Williams (Dallas), Clint Smith (Austin), Farrah Rawashdeh (Houston), Hope Newton (Austin), Matthew Gaal (Austin).