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Texas A&M Student Chapters of ASCE

Texas A&M Student Chapters of ASCE

January 2022

Texas A&M ASCE has been having a great semester. It’s been a great to be able to have a normal semester where we have been able to fully engage our members without restriction from Covid-19. It’s been a blessing to be able to bring back all of our in-person events that we realized we sort of took for granted pre-Covid. We’ve had outstanding attendance at our general meetings and events, so you can tell that our members share the same sentiments of being back in person. Attendance for some meetings have been nearing if not actually record-breaking. We had so many students the classroom we use didn’t have enough seats, so we had to use the stairs in the room.

We’ve kept busy with social events, these events include a Welcome Back event with yard games and free food from food trucks, Pie an Officer, Coffee Socials, S’mores Night, and a Pumpkin Carving Social. We’ve also brought back some of our marquee events, such as the ASCE Career fair, which was an amazing success. We had 35 companies attend as well as 240 students each day. Another big event we were so thrilled to bring back we did it twice was the TAMU ASCE Tailgate. We tailgated October 2nd for the game against Mississippi State sponsored by Yalgo Engineering and October 23rd against South Carolina sponsored by L.A. Fuess Partners. We had about 50 students come out for both of those tailgates. We’ve also been keeping busy giving back to the community. We’ve held our bi-semester Adopt-a-Street once already, as well as participating in a STEM Night at a local elementary where two of our officers, Alexa Mendez and Luke Frei, went out to help some future engineers build spaghetti and marshmallow towers.

Texas A&M Kingsville (TAMUK) ASCE

As the fall semester comes to an end, the Texas A&M Kingsville (TAMUK) ASCE student chapter is proud to talk about our accomplishments. We had an easy transition from online to in-person meetings. We had an overwhelming response from students.  Many members were extremely excited to reconnect face-to-face. As a group, we welcomed other engineering majors into the organization this year to create a community that lets students explore all facets of engineering. As of November, we are back to pre-COVID numbers, and with each meeting, we gain more members.

ASCE TAMUK hit the ground running with events, starting off with the Concrete Canoe. This year we faced the challenge of having an entire group that is new to the canoe competition. It has been a blast to teach underclassmen about concrete and give an idea of how fun it is to work as a team. As of now, ASCE TAMUK has found its final mix-design for the spring competition and will be building the male mold starting early in January.

The group has attended and hosted multiple events this year. Our officers attended CECON in San Marcos. It was a great opportunity for our members to see professionals talk about real-life engineering experiences. The group was also able to secure different types of resources for the upcoming concrete canoe. We are also involved with the Corpus Christi Branch Young Members (YM) group.  Members attended the annual YM Halloween event, where we got to mingle with professionals and talk about our future goals in the field. Our last big event of the year was a huge opportunity for the organization.  ASCE TAMUK was granted a tour to Space -X Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas. The event was 100% student led and organized and made possible with generous donations from the Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering and TAMUK Career Services.  ASCE also hosted a tent at Kingsville’s tailgates. At these tailgates, we reconnected with multiple alumni and played cornhole.  We’re always open to inviting new members and hosting fun events.  We look forward to an eventful spring semester!

We take pride in every single one of our members, and each student has proven to be an exceptional person. The group consists of multiple Graduate students and students of other engineering disciplines. One of our members is a Finance major who was intrigued by our annual Concrete Canoe competition who decided he wanted to expand his knowledge. There are a few students who are double majoring, mostly in Civil and Architectural. This year’s team has proven to be tenacious and eager to learn, they are not afraid to ask questions or go out of their way to provide for the organization.