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Installation of 2023 Officers for ASCE Texas Section

Installation of 2023 Officers for ASCE Texas Section

December 2022


ASCE Texas Section President Travis N. Attanasio PE

The ASCE Texas Section proudly announces the recent installation of the 2023 ASCE Texas Section Officers who serve as the Section’s Executive Committee. The leadership team was installed at Texas Civil Engineering Conference (CECON) in September 2022. The Texas Section community is extremely fortunate to have a group of members that are dedicated to guiding the Texas Section. Officer terms run October 2022 – September 2023.

ASCE Texas Section Executive Committee:
President – Travis N. Attanasio PE (City of Burleson)
Past President – Patrick M. Beecher PE (Terracon)
President Elect – Kimberly K. Cornett PE (LAN)
Vice President Educational – Heather Guillen PE (Walter P Moore)
Vice President Educational Elect – Julia Clarke PE (Raba Kistner)
Vice President Professional – Augustine Verrengia PE (WSP)
Vice President Professional Elect – Andres A. Salazar PhD, PE (Walter P Morre)
Vice President Technical – Mark K. Boyd, PhD, PE (LCA)
Vice President Technical Elect – Christopher J. Nance PE (Parkhill)
Treasurer – Glenn Goldstein PE (RS&H)
Senior Director at Large – Marita Moya PE (Halff)

The Executive Committee is part of the full ASCE Texas Section Board of Direction. Members include three additional Directors at Large (younger members) and 15 Section Directors (local Branch representatives):

  • Second Year Director at Large–Michael P. Gurka PE
  • First Year Directors at Large–Rebecca Cummins PE
  • First Year Directors at Large–Victor Murillo PE

Section Directors (local Branch representatives)

  • Austin Branch–Austin Messerli PE
  • Brazos Branch–Robert Lys PE
  • Caprock Branch–Travis S. Barnett PE
  • Central Texas–Jacob Hinson PE
  • Corpus Christi Branch–Joe W. Alvarez
  • Dallas Branch–Surya N. Bhandari EIT
  • El Paso Branch–Sergio Mendez PE
  • Fort Worth Branch–Kameron Boggan EIT
  • High Plains Branch–Rodolfo O. Mireles PE
  • Houston Branch–Sarah N. Alvarez PE
  • Northeast Texas Branch–David D. Stanley PE
  • Rio Grande Valley Branch–Humberto Lopez PE
  • San Antonio Branch–Amy C. Stone PE
  • Southeast Texas Branch–Liv M. Haselbach PhD, PE
  • West Texas Branch–vacant
Pictured left to right: Travis Attanasio, Kimberly Cornett, Patrick Beecher, Heather Guillen, Julia Clarke, Andres Salazar, Mark Boyd, and Chris Nance

Learn more about these leaders and all the Texas Section committee leaders here.

Incoming 2023 President Travis Attanasio ceremonially receiving the “reign” to the Section from outgoing 2022 President Patrick Beecher

Read updates from ASCE Texas Section 2023 President Travis Attanasio here.