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CECON Driving the Future: Panel Discussion on Transportation Development in Texas

CECON Driving the Future: Panel Discussion on Transportation Development in Texas

Author: AI Model ChatGPT
Editor: Andrew J. Domke PE | CECON Programs Committee

June 2023

The ASCE 2023 Civil Engineering Conference (CECON) in San Marcos is set to host a highly anticipated panel discussion featuring distinguished members of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) staff on September 20, 2023. The panel will bring together experienced engineers who have played pivotal roles in shaping transportation development and executing significant projects throughout the state. With diverse expertise and perspectives, the panelists aim to shed light on the current state of transportation in Texas and share insights into the future of infrastructure. Panelists includes:

  • Charles Benavidez – TxDOT San Antonio Deputy District Engineer
  • Tomas Trevino PE – TxDOT El Paso District Engineer
  • Lance Simmons PE – TxDOT Chief Engineer
  • Martin Horst PE – TxDOT Yoakum District Engineer
  • Stanley Swiatek PE – TxDOT Waco District Engineer

Transportation development in Texas has been a subject of constant attention due to the State’s significant population growth and expanding infrastructure needs. This panel discussion will provide attendees an overview of ongoing projects and initiatives and delve into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Charles Benavidez, TxDOT San Antonio Deputy District Engineer, will bring valuable insights into the transportation landscape of San Antonio and the surrounding areas. With growing demands for efficient commuting options and the need for sustainable solutions, Benavidez will discuss TxDOT’s strategies for addressing congestion and improving mobility in this vibrant urban region.

Tomas Trevino PE, as the TxDOT El Paso District Engineer, will contribute his expertise in border infrastructure and connectivity. El Paso serves as a crucial gateway between the United States and Mexico, demanding innovative approaches to accommodate increasing trade volumes while maintaining effective transportation systems. Trevino will share TxDOT’s efforts to optimize cross-border mobility and enhance economic opportunities.

Lance Simmons PE, as TxDOT Chief Engineer, holds a comprehensive view of transportation development statewide. He will provide valuable insights into the strategic planning and project prioritization processes at TxDOT. Simmons will discuss the agency’s long-term vision for modernizing existing infrastructure, promoting sustainable transportation, and integrating emerging technologies to support a seamless travel experience for Texans.

Martin Horst PE, the TxDOT Yoakum District Engineer, will focus on rural transportation development. With vast stretches of rural areas in Texas, ensuring connectivity and accessibility to remote communities remains a crucial challenge. Horst will highlight TxDOT’s efforts to improve rural transportation networks, enhance safety, and foster economic growth in these regions.

Stanley Swiatek PE, the TxDOT Waco District Engineer, will bring insights into transportation development in Central Texas. With the growing population and economic activity in the region, Swiatek will discuss the measures TxDOT is taking to accommodate increased traffic, implement effective transportation solutions, and manage transportation infrastructure in this dynamic area.

The panel discussion featuring TxDOT staff members at the ASCE 2023 Civil Engineering Conference in San Marcos promises to be an insightful event for all attendees. The combined expertise and experience of the panelists will provide valuable perspectives on transportation development in Texas. From addressing urban congestion and cross-border connectivity to rural infrastructure and future planning, the panelists will highlight the challenges and innovative approaches undertaken by TxDOT to shape the future of transportation in the Lone Star State. Feeding into the conference theme, The Future Is Now, this panel discussion will serve as a stepping stone towards achieving a more efficient, connected, and sustainable transportation network for all Texans. View the full program of future-forward speakers and panels at www.TexasCECON.org.