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ASCE San Antonio Branch Update

Anna Leija, MSCE ASCE San Antonio Branch

Branch Meetings

The San Antonio Branch started the 2021-2022 fiscal year by remaining virtual. We hosted our monthly meetings via Zoom and had a great turnout during this time. In the San Antonio area, as pandemic restrictions began to lift, we felt it was safe to transition to in-person meetings at the start of 2022. Our first in-person meeting took place on January 17, 2022, and we had about half of our members that attend regularly join us. Based on the consensus of our members, it seemed unanimous that they preferred to participate in in-person meetings. As a result, we will continue to plan the remainder of our meetings in person.

Younger Members

As a result of the pandemic, and the restrictions on social gatherings, our Younger Member’s events and participation slowed down drastically these last couple of years. In the hope of reviving the committee, we are offering our Younger Members an opportunity to become more involved by inviting them to volunteer at this year’s ASCE/TSPE Engineer of the Year Awards Banquet/Casino Night, where they can attend for free and enjoy a fun-filled night celebrating the accomplishments of this years recognized Engineer of the Year. Upon our initial announcement, we were able to recruit new and motivated volunteers, our future leaders.

Social Media Chair

This year, we had a volunteer approach the board and offer to help us manage all of our social media sites. In doing so, it opened up a new position on the board, Social Media Chair. As officers come and go, ASCE San Antonio social media is at times overlooked. We are enthusiastic that this new role will help fill that gap.

Upcoming Events

Every year the ASCE San Antonio Branch collaborates with the Texas Society of Professional Engineers Bexar County Chapter to host Engineers Week. After a small pause in our annual casino night festivities, this year we have returned to our annual traditions. It is one of our primary fundraising events that help support our scholarship fund. Based on early registration, we are optimistic it will be another successful function.

Future Endeavors

San Antonio has continued to reach as many members as possible, and because of the generous contributions sponsored by our community, we have teamed up with the San Antonio Area Foundation to reach more qualifying applicants. ASCE San Antonio Branch has formed a Scholarship Committee and will be reviewing the first round of scholarship applications this spring and awarding the scholarships for the Fall of 2022.
As an organization, we strive to continue to grow and evolve, as well as assist the development and advancement of our youth.