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A message from ASCE Texas Section President Travis N. Attanasio PE, CFM

A message from ASCE Texas Section President Travis N. Attanasio PE, CFM

June 2023

Travis N. Attanasio PE, CFM, M.ASCE
ASCE Texas Section President 2022-2023

Why are Board Member Elections So Important?   

The issues facing all volunteer organizations are seemingly endless – membership growth, continuing education, robust trustful leadership, keeping up with the latest developments in technology, and so much more. These pressing needs result in an obvious question: What is the importance of a Board member election?

The Board member election process covers all the issues the ASCE Texas Section faces daily. While the ASCE Texas Section employs an Executive Director as the Chief Executive and Staff Officer, they serve under the authority of the Board and is subject to oversight by the Office and Personnel Committee, consisting of the immediate Past President, President, and President Elect. This system of a Board of Direction and Executive Director allows the Section to better engage members, develop future leadership, embrace and utilize technology, and positively represent the ASCE Texas Section to the public at large.

Ultimately, Board member elections are most important when they prove to members that they are a priority and their confidence in leadership is held in high regard. This year several Board positions are competitive elections, thus the voting becomes ever more important.

The Rules of Operations governing documents of the ASCE Texas Section lay out the formal requirements for elections. The Nominating Committee publishes notice of open positions to the Section membership at least thirty days prior to the election and sets the date by which nominations must be received. The Secretary of the Board sends a ballot containing the list of all official nominees for the open office positions to each “Subscribing Member” (see Rules of Operation PDF page 2 for definition) of the Section eligible to vote at least twenty days prior to the Annual Business Meeting at CECON. Ballots returned to the Secretary up to the time of counting are opened and counted by the Tellers Committee.

Fair and transparent Board election processes promote the general welfare of the ASCE Texas Section, as well as a positive public image to members and non-members alike.

Growing the organization socially and economically requires finding good leadership through holding competitive elections. Board member elections with high voter turnout prevent a monopoly of authority, while also gaining members trust in the governance of the organization. Good governance means leadership held accountable by voters. Therefore, I suggest it is your duty as a dues-paying ASCE Texas Section member to vote! Voting is open from June 1 to June 30. Learn about all the nominees and vote now at www.TexASCE.org/election.

Travis N. Attanasio PE, CFM, M.ASCE
2023 ASCE Texas Section President