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University of Texas at Tyler-Houston Engineering Center Excels As New Student Chapter

The University of Texas at Tyler -Houston Engineering Center (UT Tyler – HEC) has recently been accepted as an independent student chapter by ASCE-Texas Section and is currently in its establishment year as a new student chapter, separate from the “ASCE Student Chapter at The University of Texas at Tyler. Located on the west side of Houston,UT Tyler- HEC’s ASCE Student Chapterseeks to strengthen regional ties and pursue opportunities for collaboration within the ASCE Houston Branch. Fall 2019 was the first semester UT Tyler- HEC began meeting as an independent chapter.

The ASCE UT Tyler-HEC Student Chapter aspires to create an environment where students and professionals can work together on projects that will impact local communities. Due to the geographic distance between Houston and Tyler, starting a Houston-specific student chapter apart from the ASCE UT Tyler Student Chapter was the most practical solution to serve student objectives. After encouragement from ASCE Texas Section, the ASCE Houston Branch, and the UT Tyler main campus, UT Tyler – HEC students moved forward in seeking independence as an autonomous student chapter.

Once established, a major goal of  the ASCE Student Chapter at UT Tyler HEC was to encourage more students to join. Having branch events and projects to participate in allowed students to expand their networking circles while enriching their learning experience. Students were also able to connect with real-world applications and gain valuable perspectives of the industry through technical workshops and resume-building events along with presentations by professionals in the field with different areas of expertise.

Creating an effective framework of leadership is vital in any organization, and the ASCE Student Chapter at UT Tyler – HEC will institute a culture of documentation and long-term planning that will ensure the Chapter operates in an efficient and responsive manner. Emphasizing its goals in achieving sustainability and maintaining a constant focus towards the future, the Chapter seeks to ensure the next generation of students are well-equipped to confront engineering challenges.

To make its vision a reality, the ASCE Student Chapter at UT Tyler – HEC’s leadership introduces its members to networking events at the Houston Branch, where members feel welcomed. This includes attending branch meetings and Younger Member events. The Student Chapters feel accomplished every time they meet a new professional or gain knowledge from a technical session. It connects the students to the professional environment, where they learn about the many diverse backgrounds of civil engineering.

We believe the Chapter will serve as an asset to current and future students, providing them with tools and experience as they enter their professional careers. We really appreciate the opportunity to be highlighted in this month’s edition of Texas Civil Engineer.