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Texas A&M ASCE Student Chapter Spring Update

Texas A&M ASCE Student Chapter Spring Update

by Cesar Martinez, President, TAMU ASCE Student Chapter

Texas A&M Student Chapter General Meeting

This spring the Texas A&M ASCE Student Chapter had a wide variety of civil engineering companies come speak at our general meetings, including Jones|Carter, Pape-Dawson, CP&Y, IDS Engineering, Walker Partners, HNTB, and TNP. The 2019 ASCE Student Chapter officers are as good a group as we could have asked for. Every single one of them is exactly what you would expect from an Aggie: intelligent, respectful, hard-working, humble, and problem solvers with initiative to strive for the best. Our organization seems to always have something going on, whether it is going to an elementary school presenting on what it means to be a civil engineer or attending the Multi-Region Leadership Conference in Dallas with my executives, the team has been there and on top of it all every step of the way.

Texas A&M Student Chapter Officers at the 2019 MRLC in Dallas

This spring semester’s focus has been on a brand-new type of event that our student chapter has never done before. The event came from the idea of wanting to combine a recruiting event with a social event that would appeal to the interests of our field’s professionals and today’s students. At first, many ideas were thrown around like trivia night, golf, a technical competition, a cook-off, but it seemed like those didn’t really hit the objective that I was looking for. Then, a skeet shootout was proposed, and the cook-off seemed to naturally fit the event – a good time with some good food. What more could professionals and students want, right?! Thus, the event “Skeet ‘n’ Eat” came to be. Unfortunately, Skeet ‘n’ Eat was canceled due to bad weather, but we are looking forward to it coming back soon. 

Last semester, much of our focus was on our first ever civil engineering-only career fair. We figured both students and companies would benefit from a smaller, more personal career fair. The event was a huge success, with 16 companies and around 300 students in attendance. We plan on having another career fair in the fall with even more companies and larger space. We are excited to see this new event develop and improve!

First Annual ASCE Career Fair
First Annual ASCE Career Fair