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SMU ASCE Student Chapter Spring 2019 Update

SMU ASCE Student Chapter Spring 2019 Update

The Southern Methodist University ASCE Student Chapter has had monthly meetings this semester ranging over a variety of civil and environmental engineering topics.  These included structural engineering, master planning, and water treatment.  The meetings allowed students to be exposed to different projects within the DFW area. Additionally, the projects allowed students to understand how knowledge gained from their classes applies to their future jobs. The Student Chapter even had a meeting on what obtaining a Professional Engineering license requires, which exposed students to what their jobs will require from them in the future.

This year, the SMU ASCE Student Chapter started a brand new mentorship program.  This program, led by President Raviola Wenno and Chapter Practitioner Advisor Jennifer Smith, was created to connect current SMU students with current professionals in various fields of civil engineering. About 20 SMU chapter members were paired with professionals in many different fields such as sustainable development, transportation, wastewater management, and many more! This mentorship program will allow SMU students to get ahead of the game and connect with professionals who can help answer questions about their future. The SMU ASCE Student Chapter plans to expand this program in the coming years, ensuring that civil engineering students have access to as many opportunities for professional development as possible.

Two of the SMU ASCE Student Chapter executive members, President Raviola Wenno and Vice President Sharon Yang, attended the Multi-Region Leadership Conference held this year in Dallas, TX for Regions 3, 6, and 7. Both students attended numerous workshops and presentations hosted by ASCE professionals. Specifically, the representatives brainstormed strategies with other ASCE Student Chapters on what makes a chapter successful. Both executive members highlighted the successes of the SMU Student Chapter and the improvements that could be made for next year. Furthermore, the members made connections with other leaders from various states, ranging from Illinois to Missouri.

Overall, the SMU ASCE Student Chapter has gained and spread knowledge through the numerous events they’ve attended and hosted this year.