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Register for December Webinar

Register for December Webinar

Register for ASCE Texas Section’s December Technical Webinar, Interpretation fo Buried Utility Data, presented by Glenn Fox PE from CP&Y Inc.

The webinar will take place December 10, 2019 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 PM CST for 1 PDH.

More About the December Technical Webinar Topic

Glenn Fox PE’s presentation will address the differences between utility owner record drawings and the 1 call system accuracy vs. the actual location, as found by an SUE provider. His intent is to help educate all those involved in using utility mapping for design and construction purposes. The presentation will show multiple examples of record drawings and one call marks that are incorrect and or misleading, these errors could have a large impact on design. Fox will also review how and who depicts the location of buried utilities, be it surveyors collecting one call marks or a designer with little to no background in utility record interpretation.

Additionally, Fox’s presentation will also provide examples of record drawing that can be very deceptive and talk about who is interpreting those records and transferring them to design plans, such as a CAD tech or an E.I.T. This will include both public and private utility record drawings. It will explain how an SUE provider approaches a utility mapping project, the typical equipment used and how the differences between a one call locator and an SUE utility designator. Fox will discuss industry terminology with the goal of helping the engineering community better communicate their needs and will tie all of this together with the application of appropriate uses of SUE quality levels.