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November President’s Message – Month 1 Recap, Upcoming Events

November President’s Message – Month 1 Recap, Upcoming Events

President’s Message – November 2018

Can you believe it rained for 29 of my first 30 days as Texas Section President? As we move into “Fall” here in Texas, it has been very productive first month. I have covered a lot of ground since CECON and have spoken to many people, both engineers and some who are not engineers.

Thanks to many of you and, of course, my wonderful wife, my life is now posted across social media and is trending to some degree among our 27,500 closest friends. This exposure has allowed me to explain my current position as President, but more importantly exposes Civil Engineering to them and others within their circles.

Moving into the new year, the Section has an exciting event coming up! The Multi-Regional Leadership (MRLC) conference is in Dallas, February 8-9th. I would like all branches to make sure that they have their designated members in attendance. Let’s pack the house with Texas Section members!

Another exciting and important 2019 event is the Legislative Drive-In, which will be held in Austin on February 26, 2019. I would like to see 100% Branch participation, so please plan now to attend.

It’s hard to believe we’re already thinking about CECON 2019, but we are! CECON 2019 will take place September 18-20 in San Marcos, so mark your calendars now to attend! The 2019 CECON theme, “Leadership By Design,” will emphasize:

  • Planning for the future
  • Engaging people and growing leaders for the future
  • Establishing professionals to give back to the society by mentoring
  • Realizing that we are not just building leaders– we are leaders in our communities building a better quality of life!

Invest in yourself and participate in your local branch’s activities.

Art Clendenin PE
2018-19 ASCE Texas Section President