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Christmas is for Caring with ASCE Dallas Member Quinn Spann

Christmas is for Caring with ASCE Dallas Member Quinn Spann

I started my career in Dallas in 1985 and became a very active ASCE Dallas Branch member in 1986. In the mornings, I would listen to a local radio station for the traffic report. Each year in December, the station held a fundraising drive for the Denton State Supported Living Center (DSSLC) called “Christmas is for Caring”. DSSLC is home to more than 450 adult individuals with severe and profound intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. Some individuals have no living relatives to take care of them.

The facility opened in 1960 and is the largest state living center owned and operated by the state of Texas. It is also the only facility accepting medically fragile individuals. An important arm of DSSLC is the Volunteer Services Council (VSC), which arranges for the extras that turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones. Donations to the VSC provide residents with Christmas gifts, birthday cakes, trips to the State Fair of Texas and outings to the bowling alley or to the movies.

Every December, I would tell myself to get the Dallas Branch involved, but I would forget about it. Finally, in 2003, I requested permission from the Dallas Branch Board to make an announcement about “Christmas is for Caring” and ask for cash donations.  I put on my red Santa Hat and yelled “HO-HO-HO” at the top of my lungs (this was done to get everyone to stop talking during the announcements…and it worked!) The Dallas Branch members donated $632 that year!  I called the radio station during the fundraiser and announced our donation on behalf of the members of the ASCE Dallas Branch.

This year is our 17th year to collect funds, and to date, we have donated over $24,500.

If you are interested in donating, mail your donation to Quinn Spann, c/o Garver, 3010 Gaylord Parkway, Suite 190, Frisco, Texas 75034. Make checks payable to “Volunteer Services Council”. Something new: You can also use Zelle to donate to (214) 636-4398.

I have been a Dallas Branch ASCE member since about 1986 and held over 16 Dallas Branch positions including Dallas Branch President.

Quinn G. Spann, Jr. PE, member and Past-President of ASCE Dallas Branch
[email protected]
(214) 619-9051