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CECON 2021: Call for Speakers & Topics

Jennifer Bohlander PE CECON Planning Committee Co-Chair

Engineers, Innovators, Leaders, Mentors:

We want to hear how YOU define the future of sustainability. CECON 2021 speaker and topic proposals will be accepted on the theme:


It is crucial that the foundations for a sustainable future of civil engineering are laid today. Focusing on the challenge of technical, social and economical systems successfully interacting with ecological systems is key. This is a collaborative and collective process shared by all levels across all disciplines of civil engineering: planning, design, management, implementation, business, and community. Laying the foundations of sustainability begins with evaluating the past, examining the breakdown of current conditions, recognizing known issues, embracing adversity, and planning with the opportunity for investment for the future. Educating engineers on the importance of their individual impacts is essential and the CECON 2021 program focuses on encouraging this mindset across all engineers for the future, today.

Connect with a statewide audience on current topics that help to shape our daily lives, while laying the foundation for our future as they relate to:

  • Public Policy
  • Mentoring, Organizational Management, Succession Planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation (air, land, ports)
  • Water (supply, treatment, storms)
  • Design & Construction (new & rehabilitation)
  • Civil Planning
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Social, Economic, Education Impact
  • Resilience


Priority Deadline: 11:59 PM CST, February 26, 2021

For additional information, visit www.TexasCECON.org or email [email protected].
All speakers & topics must be submitted through the online form at https://forms.gle/vVfJtipgyFGp1Jb36.

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Photo source: https://www.sc.com/en/feature/transforming-project-finance-how-sustainable-infrastructure-will-spur-economic-recovery/