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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Take a minute to view all of our wonderful tools and outreach opportunities related to STEM in Texas.

What is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Why does it matter? STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. By exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, we hope they develop a passion for and pursue a job in a STEM field.

STEM Tools

Dream Big Film

All around the world, engineers are pushing the limits of ingenuity and innovation in unexpected, imaginative, and amazing ways. Dream Big: Engineering Our World, a giant-screen film about engineering, takes viewers on a journey of discovery from the world’s tallest building to a bridge higher than the clouds. Along the way, the audiences witness how today’s engineers are shaping the world of tomorrow.

Combined with educational programming and powerful media, Dream Big:.

  • Informs the public about the important work engineers do, helping to heighten interest and change perceptions about the profession
  • Inspires young people to consider careers in engineering
  • Answers the demand for K-12 engineering education resources, in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards

Dream Big Educational Toolkit distribution to U.S. public schools is an effort managed by ASCE. For more details and to help ASCE meet distribution goals, visit www.engineersdreambig.org/.

Don’t forget Dream Big is now available on Netflix!

ASCE Pre-College Outreach & Materials

ASCE has plenty of games activities, homework help, career guidance, and more. Visit ASCE’s Pre-College Outreach page to review the resources for Engineers, Teachers, Parents, and Kids and Teens.

ASCE also has a diverse catalog of outreach materials available to aid every outreach opportunity. Educational booklets, brochures, and giveaways such as pencils and balloons will ensure your visit will be memorable. Often, items are provided for free to ASCE members. Pro-tip: We recommend placing an order at least three (3) weeks prior to scheduled outreach events.


STEM Outreach Opportunities

ASCE Texas Section and our Branches participate in numerous community outreach programs to promote STEM in Texas. For support in planning STEM activities in Texas, please contact our STEM Committee Chair.

ASCE Civil Engineering (CE) Clubs

Civil Engineering Club is a high school after school club that engages young minds, influences students’ perceptions of engineers and opens doors to students for the possibility of a career in civil engineering. Volunteer to be a lead engineer, an engineer mentor, speaker, competition judge, field trip host or donor.

Visit ASCE’s Civil Engineering Club page to learn more.

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is always seeking volunteers. Their STEM clubs and chapters often align geographically with our Branches. If you need a local connection, contact our STEM Committee Chair or [email protected].

TAME also hosts an annual State STEM Competition! Every year, TAME brings together students to compete and celebrate achievement in STEM. Students participate in both a math and a science test, and then team up to solve real-world engineering problems in a timed Engineering Design Challenge.

Visit TAME online to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Future Cities Competition

Future City Competition

The Future City Competition is a national, project-based learning experience where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade imagine, design, and build cities of the future. Students work as a team with an educator and engineer mentor to plan cities using SimCity™ software; research and write solutions to an engineering problem; build tabletop scale models with recycled materials; and present their ideas before judges at Regional Competitions each spring. Regional winners advance to the National Finals in Washington, DC.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Coach a team
  • Be a mentor
  • Serve as a judge
  • Volunteer at a regional competition
  • Serve on a regional committee
  • Donate to Future City

Visit FutureCity.org for more details.

Math Counts

MathCounts strives to engage middle school students of all ability and interest levels in fun, challenging math programs, in order to expand their academic and professional opportunities. Middle school students exist at a critical juncture in which their love for mathematics must be nurtured, or their fear of mathematics must be overcome. MATHCOUNTS provides students with the kinds of experiences that foster growth and transcend fear to lay a foundation for future success.

Visit Mathcounts.org for more details.