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Infrastructure Report Card



The American Society of Civil Engineers prepared an infrastructure report card at the national level in 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2009, 2013, and released the most recent report in March 2017. These report cards have been endorsed by numerous professional and technical societies. They serve an important role in raising public awareness and providing elected officials the necessary tools to support infrastructure funding.

View America’s Infrastructure Report Card

Responding to the success of ASCE’s national report card initiative, we developed the first Infrastructure Report Card for Texas in 2004. It has since been updated several times: 2008, 2012, and 2017.
Our most recent report card was released in September 2017, several weeks after Hurricane Harvey destroyed the cities of Port Aransas and Rockport and flooded Houston and South Texas. Due to the complexity of the project, the 2017 grades do not consider the impacts of the storm. The effects of Hurricane Harvey will undoubtedly be considered during the development of the next Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure.

View our post-Hurricane Harvey report on Addressing Flood Risk

2017 Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure

Our 2017 Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure builds on more than a decade of infrastructure evaluations at both the state and national levels and continues the Society’s mission to bring the declining state of America’s infrastructure to the attention of the public and the nation’s leaders. By using school report card letter grades, our members used their expertise to condense complicated data into an easy-to-understand analysis.

The 2017 report card resulted in a Texas GPA of a “C minus”. It graded seven individual categories of infrastructure. Bridges received the highest grade earning a “B,” followed by Aviation receiving a “B minus”. The remaining five categories received “D” grades: Dams, Drinking Water, Flood Control, Highways and Roads, and Wastewater.

The report is available here:

For more information about the 2017 Report Card for Texas’ Infrastructure or to request a presentation, please contact ASCE Texas Section Infrastructure Report Card Committee Chair Travis Attanasio PE, CFM at [email protected]

Interested in joining our Infrastructure Report Card Committee? Visit our programs page to learn more.

Previous Versions

The 2008 Texas Infrastructure Report Card Update, accompanying Fact Sheets and January 2009 Media Release are available here:

The original 2004 Report Card and all Fact Sheets are available here: