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Larry's Corner

January 2018

What is black when you buy it, red as you use it, and grey when you throw it out?  (See answer at the end of the article.)


Off to the races- another year is underway.  I am sure everyone is well rested and ready to tackle the New Year with vigor and enthusiasm.  I know we all have an extended list of items to accomplish this year, whether it be personal or work related.


Before you know it, September will be here, we will kick off another ASCE Texas Section CECON.  CECON this year will be held September 19-21, 2018.  For those that may not know about CECON, I wanted to provide a short background overview.  The Texas Section used to hold a Texas Section conference twice a year, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.  Unfortunately, the Texas Section found itself holding a conference with dropping attendance, and rising costs.  To help solve this, the Texas Section decided to revamp the conference into a once a year event.  The intent behind the revamp was to create an event that would be appealing to all sectors of the Civil Engineering Industry and remove the perception that the event was only for ASCE members. 


CECON is still a dynamic creation and a work in progress.  Some have mentioned that ASCE Texas Section is not visible enough throughout the event.  We have noted the comments and are developing ways to better market the event.  As I have mentioned in previous publications, most projects whether for the private or public sector of our industry, require multiple disciplines to complete.  We are working diligently to have open arms to collaborate with multiple associations and support each other’s events.  This is crucial if organizations are going to survive in this age of so many choices.  ASCE is the one organization that I still truly believe provides a platform for all disciplines to come together and network.


I am reaching out to all ASCE members (Texas Section subscribing or assigned), Civil Engineering Professionals (ASCE members or not), Public Agencies, and the Construction Industry to help us support CECON and develop it into an event that is put on calendars year after year as the event to attend for our industry here in Texas.


Thank you for your support, and please contact me with opportunities for new visions, questions, or comments (good or bad).  I want to hear what is on your mind and ways to keep CECON growing.


Answer: Coal.  Whether you see CECON as black, red, or grey, I plan to continue to find ways to make CECON a glowing red on fire event for the Texas Section.  Help me fan the fire.


Until the next issue – It Will Be Fun!!!


Lawrence D. Goldberg PE

2017-2018 ASCE Texas Section President





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